Different types of mutual funds

Mutual funds have been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent past as an effective investment channel. Choosing the right type of fund for your investment needs will depend on your investment goal.

The most popular types of mutual funds in India are listed below:

Equity fundsDebt fundsMoney market fundsIndex fundsBalanced fundsIncome fundsFund of fundsSpeciality funds
There are several other types of funds offered by the asset management companies in the country. We have segregated the same based on structure, asset class, investment objective, specialty, and risk, in the sections below.

Types of Mutual Funds based on structure
Open-Ended Funds: These are funds in which units are open for purchase or redemption through the year. All purchases/redemption of these fund units are done at prevailing NAVs. Basically these funds will allow investors to keep invest as long as they want. There are no limits on how much can be invested in the fund. They also tend to be actively managed which …

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Advantages of Mutual Funds

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